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The rising costs of care

Seniors today want to age in place for as long as they can. But as the aging population grows and healthcare costs rise, the demand to keep seniors safe and healthy is more important – and more expensive – than ever. The risk of falls is too great. So as a hospital manager or care provider, you need all the help you can get.

How IndiPendant can help

At IndiPendant, we pair experience with innovation to help you deliver the best care possible to seniors in your community. Our home monitoring products and senior support services allow you to stay connected to seniors before, during and after care is provided. Offering IndiPendant to seniors in your community not only increases peace of mind for families, but also reduces readmissions, decreases costs and adds a new source of revenue to your organization.

Services that add value to care and business

Take patient care to a whole new level with services that can help you grow your network, monitor patients and connect with professionals and family members.

IndiPendant monitoring

Benefit from IndiPendant’s world-class central monitoring service to manage injury risks and offer rapid-response emergency care to patients.

Third-Party Notify Service

Provide seamless fax notifications to third-party physicians, caregivers, or even family members in the event of an incident.

IndiPendant Connect

Access an easy-to-use online portal to enroll and manage subscriber information as well as grow your network with hundreds of customizable marketing tools.


Connect with colleagues and share information over a private, professional social networking site.

Flexible business models

We recognize that each organization has unique goals. Our business models are specifically designed to help you run your IndiPendant Program in the way that best supports you and your clients.


As the most comprehensive solution, we handle all the day-to-day IndiPendant operations, while you focus on marketing and expanding your reach.

Equipment Leasing

You get the benefits of IndiPendant’s world-class monitoring, without the cost and maintenance associated with owning your own equipment.

Equipment Purchasing

You operate and market your IndiPendant Program the way you like, and purchase equipment as you need it.

Product Feed

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Building success

“I have been a home care partner with IndiPendant for many years, and the outstanding customer support and advanced technology has always made an impact on the success of my IndiPendant program”

– IndiPendant partner

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You operate and market your IndiPendant Program the way you like, and purchase equipment as you need it.