Pet Tracker


Put GPS tracking on their collar

Including 3 months monitoring

IndiPendant Pet Tracker makes it easy to see your pet’s location, create safe play zones, and monitor health with activity reporting.

  • IndiPendant Pet Tracker is a GPS device, not Bluetooth. This means you can locate your pet anywhere, not just in proximity to your phone.
  • IndiPendant is the only prepaid wireless carrier to offer a tracking device specifically for pets.
  • Get peace of mind by simply adding Pet Tracker to your IndiPendant account with a one-time device cost.

One simple device


GPS Pet Tracking
The GPS tracking device attaches to the collar, so you know where your pet is even when you’re far from home.


Safe Zone Alerts
Set designated safe zones where your pet can roam freely. If they leave the zone, you’ll get a real-time alert, giving you peace of mind.


Health Tracker
Over 50% of pets in the US are obese or overweight. Help keep them healthy with in-app activity reports that show a step and calorie counter.


Long Battery Life
Pet Tracker comes with two long-lasting batteries, so you always have a charged battery ready to go.


Connected App
Pintrac Pet Tracker syncs with the Pintrac mobile app to provide you instant access to your pet’s dashboard where you can customize your alerts.

How it works

GPS tracking is one of the most reliable systems for recovering a lost pet. From city sidewalks to wide open spaces every pet can find an opportunity to wander a little too far. Play it safe and add a level of security right to their collar.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it equipped with a GPS function?

Yes, the GPS function allows you to track the location of the wearer using your smartphone.

2. Can you measure heart rate and blood pressure levels?
No, you can’t measure heart rate and blood pressure levels.

3. Does it have a battery?
Yes, it has a long lasting in-built Lithium battery.

4. What is the required power supply?
The power supply required is 220 VA.

5. Does it support 3G and 4G network?
Yes, It supports 3G network.

6. What is the battery capacity?
It is an 900mAh.

7. How many numbers can be added to the whitelist?
Maximum 5 contact numbers can be set, only the phone numbers in whitelist can call this watch.

8. How does the SOS emergency call function?
If you have set up the family number (SOS number, maximum two), the smartwatch will dial the family number when you long press the power/ SOS button. If the first number answers, it will not dial the second number. If the first family number does not answer, it will dial the second number automatically.