Please call Customer Care at
+91 983 698 2369

Your device will send alert message to all the registered phone numbers and start contacting them one after the other till the call is attended. The 24/7 care centre will also be alerted and you will be attended by an operator from the care centre.

You need not worry. The care centre has a system of testing your device remotely. Alternatively you also can long press the “Call” button by the side of your device to call your caregiver number and talk to him/her.

As the device is mobile based and is GPS enabled, you can move with it anywhere and you will be trackable.

Yes your device is water resistant. It can be used while bathing but should not be imersed in chlorinated water.

Yes you can. It has a two way speaker system.

We recommend that you keep the pendant within reach while sleeping.

Yes, You can use any lanyard with this device.