Who Can Benefit From Medical Alert?


What is Indipendant Medical Alert?

Medical Alert equipment and services are used to support safe and independent living. As we age, most of us want to stay independent for as long as possible in the comfort of our own homes.
Medical Alert helps to support independent living because users are confident help is available to them 24 hours a day. For example, when you press the alarm button on your Indipendant alarm pendant, our Emergency Response Centres will be quickly contacted.
Although many elderly people benefit from Medical Alert, it can also provide support to other vulnerable people. This includes those living with dementia, someone with mobility problems, longterm health conditions or those with a physical or learning disability.

Who can benefit from Medical Alert ?

• Older adults and the elderly
• Someone living with dementia or Alzheimer's disease
• People with physical or learning disabilities
• People with mobility problems
• Relatives and informal carers

Support for family and informal carers

Medical Alert services offer family and carers peace of mind about the well-being and safety of the person they care for. The alarm user's family may not live locally, meaning they are unable to immediately help their loved ones should they fall or have an accident. Our Indipendant personal alarm will help to relieve the stress, guilt and worry that family members, friends and carers often experience.
The alarm users themselves will also feel safer in their homes. The knowledge that help is available to them 24-hours a day from Medical Alert monitoring centres allows them to feel more confident going about their daily lives.

Supporting people with Alzheimer's and Dementia

People living with dementia can particularly benefit from Medical Alert. Dementia makes day to day life more difficult for the person living with the condition, and it may also put them at risk. Our services can enable them to live independently for longer, and reduce stress for themselves and their families, improving quality of life.
Our Indipendant GPS dementia tracker with 24-hour monitoring service provides more freedom, as well as peace of mind to their families. The GPS tracker will alert our Emergency Response Centre if the device moves outside of pre-set locations. Family members can be notified on the whereabouts of the patient through our advanced monitoring tool to view the current location details and history.
We are committed to being a ‘patient friendly’ organisation and the Emergency Response Centres have a proven track record of supporting people with dementia.